Product Photo Editing

Product Photo Editing includes overall enhancing the product image, which will enhance its appearance. The photo will look perfect by using certain steps: background removal, background color change, skin retouching, dust and scratches removal, cropping/resizing, de-wrinkling of clothes, color correction, etc. To know in detail about our services, go through the steps that we take care to make your image look perfect. Here are a few reasons why you must opt for image editing.

Custom Background Colour

Image Editing helps you to remove or change the old background by choosing a custom background color of your own choice. It helps you bring symmetry to your website when using the custom background color service to correct your product backdrop. However, you can still keep the default white background if you want to. It helps you stand out from your other competitors, helping you become an individual brand of yourself.

Clipping Path Services

Along with other image editing services, we also try to perfection with precise cutting and customization by using the clipping path technique. It is mainly a selection process, where we select your product point-by-point. Our engineers follow each line of the product in the image and select it precisely for further editing.


Moreover, we also provide our clients with Retouching services to remove any visible flaws in the product images. It helps to remove stains, creases, dust, scratches, and glare. Get in touch with us to get the best experience. Our technicians can easily erase any visible flaws making make your product look perfect.

Perfect Colour Correction

Our company has a team of experts who are both skilled and knowledgeable, therefore, helps you to get the exact colors in your product image. You will get the best color correction that will match exactly like your original product. However, if you wish to replace the colors of your products to show the variety you are offering on your website, you can seek help from us. We assure you to provide the best results.

Cleaning up the background and adding the drop shadows

If you wish to add shadows to your product images, get in touch with us. Placing the right shadow enables your product to look more natural. To provide you with the best results, the experts first clean up the background to get rid of dirt or any unwanted spot that might look poor on the image. Then they add Drop Shadows, Artificial Natural Shadows, Cast Shadows, or even Reflection Shadows according to your preferences. Do not worry, and we will always keep you up with the trend.

Custom Cropping and Margins

Lastly, we also provide custom cropping and margins to make your image look symmetrical on your website. You can choose from some of the predefined cropping ratios or even create your own. On the other hand, you can also set up the margins or the blank spaces around the photos bringing a common alignment within all your images.